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Bodega Bay Veterinary Hospital is a full-service veterinary facility offering a wide range of health care services for your pets. We are a Mom & Pop business with a small town approach to caring for our neighbors and their pets. We believe that veterinary care is best provided in a personal and thoughtful way that benefits both the animal and the animal owner. Our newly-constructed facility is clean and comfortable, delivering compassionate, efficient, and capable care at a price that won't break the bank.

Health Maintenance Care: Prevention is the best cure! We'd rather keep our patients healthy than try to restore their health after it has gone. BBVH offers affordably priced preventive health options for all pets - from kittens to grand-doggies.

Vaccination: Routine Vaccination is a critical first step in the control of life-threatening viruses such as Canine Distemper, Canine and Feline Parvo Virus, Rabies, and many other deadly disease agents, but there's more to health care than "all vaccinations, all the time." At BBVH we believe that vaccines should be administered according to each individual patient's needs, based upon a critical assessment of the risk and benefits involved.

Spay & Neuter: Fertility control is a critical step to ensuring your pet a long and healthy life. At BBVH, we use advanced, small-incision, low-stress surgical techniques with safe anesthetic protocols, extensive patient monitoring, and effective post-op pain control. Dr. Trapani has spayed and neutered over 30,000 patients (and counting!) since 1982. Routine spay/neuter patients go home the same day.

Micro-Chipping: Nothing says "I Love You" like a microchip! We make it easy for you to provide your pet this crucial piece of life-saving glam.

Dental Care: Our "No-Drama" dental program makes routine dental cleanings easy and affordable. It's simple: We offer dental cleaning at a price that allows you to care for your pet's teeth BEFORE disease sets in! With preventive no-drama dentistry, there's no need for prolonged anesthesia or extractions. The patient goes home happy and the owner saves a bundle.

Geriatric Anesthesia: Senior animals need care too! We have extensive experience providing safe anesthesia to dogs and cats of 15 years and older, even those with pre-existing disease problems. Anesthetic risk, thoughtfully managed, need not prevent our patients from recieving necessary care.

Flea and Parasite Control: Fleas! Ticks! Worms! Who needs 'em? These miserable little parasites make our pets unhealthy and uncomfortable. Some parasites threaten human health. BBVH helps you identify and eliminate any parasite that dares attack your pet!

Online Medical Records: Your pet's entire medical record - Lab Tests, X-Rays, EVERYTHING, is available for you online in real time. You can review the record from any browser. Click the button below to access our medical record site

Sick Patient Care: Our clean, modern facility offers comfortable accomodations for patients whose illness requires a stay in our facility. Most patients are managed so as to make overnight hospitalization unnecessary.

Diagnostics: Routine diagnostic tests, including Urinalysis, FeLV / FIV, Heartworm / Tick-Borne Disease, cPL, Giardia, Blood Glucose, Fecal Parasite Testing, and many higher-level forms of Diagnostic Microscopy, including cytology for rapid diagnosis of cancer and other diseases, parasite identification, and blood smear evaluation, are performed on-site and while you wait. Most of these test results are available in less than 10 minutes.

In-House Laboratory: Our in-house Blood Chemistry and CBC analizers make it possible for our facility to obtain a routine or emergency blood panel in 15 minutes or less.

Surgery: Dr. Trapani's years as a practicing surgeon (since 1982) has included experience in a wide variety of orthopedic, abdominal, soft tissue, and reconstructive surgery. Check our "About Us" page for a more detailed listing of Dr. T's experience. Why pay high specialist's prices?

Radiology: Our digital x-ray system delivers highest quality images in an accessable electronic format. Electronic imaging means more information can be obtained with much less radiation exposure. These images can be enlarged or reprocessed for better detail or transmitted to an off-site radiologist for a specialist's consult. Best of all, the images are available for you to review at home through our open, on-line medical record system.

Ultrasound: Our small ultrasound machine is always available for immediate use inside our facility. When specialty ultrasound studies are required, our relationship with a local specialist makes it possible for us to provide high-level ultrasound diagnostic services within our facility.

In-Patient Hospital Care: We pride ourselves on minimizing the length of hospital stays. No one likes to stay in the hospital and we believe our patients are happier and heal faster at home. When hospitalization is necessary, overnight patients have spacious accomodations, comfortable bedding, and supervision suited to their needs.

Emergency Care: Emergencies happen. Any time we're open, we will provide acute care for emergency patients. Those animals requiring intensive care will be stabilized as needed before transfer to a specialty facility.

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